I can see (the desk) clearly now

Physical disorganization leads to mental disorganization. At least it does for me. I’d like to focus on completing tasks but geez where did all these papers come from and why are they swallowing my office? So then I get stuck. And eventually I have to deal with the kraken’s worth of paperwork and assorted cluttery things.


The proverbial bomb has gone off.

Unfortunately I got so exasperated this time around that I tore everything out of the desk and tossed it on the floor for sorting purposes. This is commonly known as the “AAAAAAAAAGGGGHHHHHH!” method of cleaning.

Cleaning up after my method of cleaning took an entire morning. I could have been writing all morning. I could have been working on freelance projects. I could have fired up the Crock-Pot earlier, because now we are having dinner at 7. But I cleaned my desk. Because unless this massive part of my life is organized, no part of me is organized, and I won’t be able to focus on anything, let alone writing. So it’s worth putting everything else on hold.

And finally, (almost) everything is sorted. Many, many things have been thrown away. Many other things have been placed into folders. My desk might actually, sort of, look professional. Imagine!

Behold the desk.

Behold the desk.

The prep work always seems like the worst part of accomplishing something. But it’s the most important part. Sort of like, researching agents before you query them. Reading your manuscript over that one last time before you release it into the world. You have to do the prep work or nothing really gets accomplished.

So, prep work done, I am on to accomplishing things. And I’m hoping to use a more genteel method of organizing next time.