And hello

I haven’t added much to this site lately, and I’d like to change that. In my defense, I’ve been making tweaks here and there to my novel, while also revising some of the children’s stories I’ve written, and starting another. So I haven’t been slacking per se. I’ve just been slacking here. Half a point for me?

I met up with some of the other members of my writers group for brunch last weekend and it was quite the fabulous time. We all chatted about our families, and the state of parenting today, and the sacredness of Skee-ball (OK, that was me), and how our various writing projects are going. (One of our members has a novel coming out this summer — I’m so excited for her, and also can’t wait to read it.)

I have no idea what took me so long to join a writers group. It’s pretty wonderful to be around other word-loving people, since we’re able to encourage and critique and inspire each other. I’ve gotten some great suggestions from them on how to improve my various stories, and I hope I’m at least half as helpful in return.

Also, the food at the brunch was tasty. Never underestimate the importance of good food. Trust me: I’m a Jewish mother.

So having been inspired by my fellow writers, I do solemnly swear to continue to expand and improve this site. I’d call it a resolution, but, well, it’s mid-January already. Haven’t people pretty much broken their resolutions by now?