What comes next

So for various and sundry reasons, I have left my full-time job to focus on freelance work — and yes, of course one of those reasons is my ever-burgeoning fiction career. Naturally I need to earn income in the meantime. That whole starving artist thing? Doesn’t work when you have two kids, a mortgage and occasional date nights with your spouse. Also, I’m not good with starving. I am not someone to be around when I’m hungry.

As I search — and some avenues look promising — I’ve been trying to work out a daily work-from-home schedule. I knew going in that this would take a fair amount of self-discipline. I also knew that I would get to wear jeans and slippers all day, so that was a major plus. I hate having cold feet.

My wake time is set in stone, because the kids need to be dragged out of bed, thrown into clothing and hauled off to school. (Not necessarily an exaggeration.) After that, things are open. I have three goals for the day: One part finding/performing work; one part fiction career, meaning everything from writing to revising to writing query letters to submitting, and one part cleaning. Because the linen closet is a disaster of epic proportions, the pantry is probably half full of food we don’t eat and I won’t even begin to tell you the state of my desk. Let’s just say I’d like to be able to see more of it.

Also in there? Exercise. Turns out that sitting at a desk all day was bad for my back. One steroid shot and a stint in physical therapy later, consider me forewarned.

How I balance all this is going to be the key to my success. I’m optimistic that I’ll work it out, though I expect a bumpy transition. I don’t mind. Change is good. Especially in slippers.

Fellow work-from-home types, do you have any suggestions for organizing the day? I’d love to hear them.