Our summer of reading

Tonight my son wanted to do bedtime reading with a flashlight, which seemed like a summer-ish thing to do, so I clicked my phone light on (because what did people do before smartphones?) and we started “The One in the Middle Is the Green Kangaroo.” Technically I suppose you should read a scary story by flashlight, but scary stories are not his thing. I’m not foreseeing any Goosebumps books in his future.

“Green Kangaroo” is the second Judy Blume book this summer, the first being “Freckle Juice,” and both of which are big hits here. We’re taking a break from Roald Dahl, having just finished “Danny the Champion of the World,” and also I think having finished all the Dahl books we own. For “Matilda,” we’ll have to hit up the library.

My daughter, deep in princess-land, likes the Very Fairy Princess books, and there have been repeat readings of “The Day the Crayons Quit” (Drew Daywalt), “The Monstore” (Tara Lazar) and “Baby Penguins Love Their Mama” (Melissa Guion). I keep wondering whether my soon-to-be-kindergartner — who insists on reading to me, these days, instead of the other way around — is ready for chapter books. Because if she is, I found a copy of “The Velveteen Rabbit” at a flea market recently and it’s in terrific condition, just waiting to be read to someone.

Me, I’ve been reading “Boy Without Instructions” by Penny Williams, about the author’s struggles to raise her son with ADHD. (I can relate.) Though I think the next book will deal in less weighty subjects. Sitting on my nightstand is “The Bridesmaid” by Hailey Abbott, which is kinda sorta research for me, since I like to see how my wedding book would stack up against other wedding books. All research should be this fun.

So I’d call this a pretty productive summer, and I’m looking forward to the flashlight reading session tomorrow.