The types of typing

The photo you see up top there did not come from someone’s Pinterest site; I took it myself. Yes, thanks, it is rather nice, isn’t it? Though my husband finds it exasperating that I use my phone-camera instead of our actual camera.

We own an honest-to-goodness typewriter because of my son, who has ADHD and various sensory issues, and has been known to melt down in keyboarding class. My husband thought the clack-clack-clack of an old-school typewriter would be more interesting to him, and thus engage him more. Because let’s face it, computer keyboards are not what you’d call interesting. There’s no drama in a keyboard, just a barely noticeable tap-tap-tap. You have to really pound a typewriter to get it to do anything, but gently press a keyboard a few times and you’ve got a whole paragraph.

The typewriter has been a moderate success for our young typist, who likes to pound out sweet little notes to family members (“Hi Daddy, I love you!”). It also got me thinking about the evolution of typing. I can remember using a typewriter, early on, for various school assignments, because the computer age arrived late to our household. I used to live in fear of making a mistake, because that meant getting out the Wite-Out, or else starting over. Eventually we got an electric typewriter with the little screen so you could preview and correct X number of words before printing. (Interesting side note: You can still buy these pretty easily, at office supply stores and the like. Who knew?)

By the time I got to college, I had a computer. A Radio Shack computer, but a computer. Then I started using Macs — and Apple keyboards have a different feel than PC keyboards, more delicate almost. Then I started using laptops, and that was just a weird adjustment. The keys didn’t feel real. I was sure I was going to break something.

The laptop I use now has seen better days — the casing is scratched up and it’s missing the Control key, which I would be upset about if I’d ever used the Control key. Still I love it. But sometimes I sneak in a few poundings at the typewriter. It just feels more fun.