Spring remembered to show up


No, I’m not bitter. I’ve just been wondering if we were going to skip spring altogether and go right from “gross rainy cold season” to “gross hot summer.” My irises should have bloomed a month ago; I’m just now seeing buds. Now, when June is a week away. It’s not right.

I much prefer spring and fall to summer and winter. Time to plant seeds, or time to harvest. Things are growing, or things are turning brown. They’re transitional seasons, on their way to becoming something else, and I find that much more interesting than endless 80-degree sweat-covered days or endless 30-degree slippery black ice days. They’re the creative seasons. It’s a funny coincidence that my children were born in spring, and in fall.

So I’m glad to see spring, even if it’s going to be a pretty short one, since we’ve already had several hot days and I resorted to turning on the air conditioner. I feel more creative in a creative season. The garden is achieving things and so should I. I’m hoping to get some inspiration from the outside world, at least until summer stomps its way in.

On the other hand, in summer I can take the laptop outside. So that’s a plus.


Thinking spring

Because it might actually be coming. Not a moment too soon because we have been thoroughly blanketed in snow and enough is enough. Done with sweaters. Done with gloves. Done with dry hands and snow days and the rabbits chowing the remains of my garden and leaving little rabbit-sized snowprints all over the yard. Done done done.

It’s supposed to get up to 50 degrees tomorrow and I’m tempted to haul out the sandals.

It’s better to write in nice weather. I don’t know why that would be, unless I’m taking the laptop outside, which I’ve been known to do. But even when I hide inside, I prefer the sun coming through the windows. Dark and dreary days aren’t excellent writing days, at least not for me.

Maybe it depends on what you’re writing. My novel is snarky-funny. My children’s books are gentle-funny. I’d rather go for the laugh than the jugular. In which case, maybe a sunny setting is more appropriate. If I were writing something Gothic, maybe I’d want a thunderstorm around, or a thick fog, or some really violent hail.

Okay, not the hail. Property damage.


Here he is!

At any rate, hoping the weather is inspirational enough to help me accomplish a few things, and that enough snow melts so I can see my garden gnome again. He’s out there somewhere.