Why oh why has no one told me about …

this site: http://bridesthrowingcats.com/

Seriously. I knew cats owned the Internet but I had no idea they also owned wedding bouquet toss photos. “I can haz bridezmaid?”

It’s strangely hilarious, even if the Photoshopped kitties don’t think so. And I imagine the actual bridesmaids/assorted female wedding guests might be irked to discover that instead of reaching desperately for an airborne bunch of flowers, they are now grabbing for a freaked-out cat. Kind of wrecks the mood, really. Also, unless the theoretical cats are theoretically declawed, it also wrecks the hands, wrists and dress sleeves.

But honestly I never had much use for the bouquet toss anyway. Especially when I was single and felt like 1. my singlehood was nobody’s business, but despite that, 2. the only way I was getting out of the potentially humiliating exercise of trying to grab the bouquet away from all the other women in the lineup would be to hide in the ladies room until it was all over.

Here’s a radical thought: Maybe single women attending weddings shouldn’t be made to feel deficient because they’re not the one in the white dress and veil. Maybe, in this post-feminist post-whatever era, it should just be okay for women to be single — or put more bluntly, it should be nobody’s business.

For the record, I didn’t throw the bouquet at my wedding. To me, that would’ve been as odd and inappropriate as — well, as throwing a cat.

Check out the photos, though, they’re funny.