A blizzard is what you make of it

Or in this case, a “blizzard,” since it turned out not so much to be one. Apparently the meteorological swing-and-a-miss annoyed some people; the good folks at News 12 were complaining about the complaints, and pointing out that it was better to be wrong about the blizzard than, say, predict a foot of snow and get three feet. Poor News 12. It’s rough out there.

I do agree with them, though. I’d rather over-prepare — which in this case means sticking food in the giant cooler in case of power outages — than under-prepare and be stuck. The way we were a few years ago, for instance, when we lost power for a week and had to flee the house. I’ll take mild annoyance over no food any day.

The kids were happy because they got two straight days of no school. I was happy because they spent much of that time reading. My daughter in fact insisted on reading “Prudence Wants a Pet” to me. My son has recently become obsessed with classic “Peanuts” collections so he’s been going through those. They were so good at occupying themselves, I even got some writing done.

So I really can’t complain about the non-blizzard. It worked out fine for us. Hope you can say the same.