The mysterious autograph

I’m always puzzled when I find an autographed book that’s clearly strayed from its owner. Wasn’t the autograph wanted? Wasn’t the book wanted? What happened?

The latest is my copy of “Writing With Pictures,” by Uri Shulevitz. This is considered one of the essential learning texts for writing picture books. I finally got a chance to crack it open — it was given to me a few months ago — and I found this. Not just an autograph — a doodle!IMG_1029

Didn’t Hannah want the book? Was she one of Uri’s students?  Did she ever use the book to write/illustrate her own books, or did she put it away somewhere and decide to become an accountant instead? Did the book sit unread on a shelf, just waiting for someone to remember it?

Or was the book much used and much loved, and then passed on with regrets after its owner had passed on?

I’ll never know, I suppose, though it would be fun to find out.

I’m certainly happy to have the book now. And I do hope it enjoys its new home. Though considering all the other books on my shelves, it might feel a little crowded.