Two announcements

*taps mike* *readjusts* Good morning! I just thought you should know that the submissions of all the finalists and alternates for the first-ever FicFest contest (okay, including me) have been officially posted for the next round. Check it out here. I like a lot of these submissions and hope to be buying the books someday. FicFest has been a good experience — in revising my submission per my (extremely nice) mentor’s suggestions, I even went a little bit further, and ended up with a much-improved manuscript. Revising has been a difficult thing for me to get a handle on, so getting a revision to work well is kinda empowering.

Also, Kidlit Summer Schoolbadge-final-4x4-brighter-heart.jpg officially starts tomorrow. I signed up for this online series last summer and really enjoyed it — the Nerdy Chicks, who are all fabulous writers and/or illustrators, offer really useful, in-depth writing advice, plus writing exercises, Twitter writing prompts, webinars and giveaways. I was even reading these posts during vacation so I could keep up (don’t tell my husband). If you write kidlit, come and be my “classmate.” Also: signing up is free. Also again: How cute is this chick?

This concludes our announcements. Please enjoy your Sunday.


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