The writing chair

There is a black leather (but probably pleather) chair in my house. It used to live in the corner of a room downstairs and no one sat in it. It didn’t quite match anything else in the room. Occasionally it served as impromptu toy storage. Mainly it just existed there, like a sad pleather shadow.

In the course of moving some furniture around, we lugged the chair up to our bedroom to create a sitting area. And suddenly I began to use the chair every day. I’ve been writing a new project in it. My new ritual is, go upstairs at night, settle into the chair, write as long as I’m awake. I’ve been making slow but steady progress.

It’s amazing how a simple change of scenery will change things so dramatically. The chair that I used to ignore has become essential to my daily routine. All it needed was a room where it actually belonged.

I don’t know if this is feng shui, or chair karma, or just the advantage of having a chair in a room that didn’t previously offer one. But it proves that the simplest changes to your surroundings can sometimes yield the biggest results.

So here’s a suggestion, if you’re struggling with writer’s block or skipping your writing time: Move some furniture. Change your surroundings. Sit somewhere different.

And it doesn’t even have to be pleather.


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