1st Annual Valentiny Writing Contest

I love Susanna Leonard Hill’s writing contests. They’re lots of fun. She launched a new one this year for Valentine’s Day and it stumped me, because it needs to involve someone who’s grumpy on Valentine’s Day. How could a day full of chocolate make anyone grumpy? (Okay, just my take. Because chocolate.) But I did finally come up with something, submitted below for your viewing pleasure.

If you’d like to enter, here’s how to do it: Write and post a children’s story of no more than 214 words between now and Feb. 12 in which someone is grumpy. There are some cool prizes available, and also you get to read a lot of good stories. Come and join us!

And on to my entry:



Lila glared outside at the blowing snow.

Who wanted a snow day today? Now Lila wouldn’t get her Valentine’s Day party. Her friends wouldn’t get the pink sparkly cupcakes she’d made.

Lila glared at the cupcakes. They looked too cheery.

Lila was beyond grumpy. She was grouchy, grumbly, and grim.

She slumped on the couch and stared out the window. The mailman, trudging through the snow, bumped into Mr. Tomas, who was shoveling out his driveway. They yelled and pointed at each other.

Mrs. Leonetti carried her poodle down the street, both of them in matching coats. They bumped into the mailman and Mr. Tomas. Everyone yelled and pointed at each other.

Lila watched, wide-eyed. “They’re even grumpier than I am,” she said. She had to help them.

She grabbed her crayons and got to work. Then she jumped out into the snow.

In front of the mailman, Mr. Tomas, and Mrs. Leonetti, Lila held up a sign:


In Lila’s warm kitchen, everyone had cupcakes and hot chocolate. Lila’s mom chatted with Mr. Tomas. The mailman and Lila petted the poodle. Mrs. Leonetti gave Lila a hug. “Thank you for the lovely party, dear,” she said.

Lila looked around at all the smiles, and smiled right back. “Happy Valentine’s Day!”


19 thoughts on “1st Annual Valentiny Writing Contest

  1. Wonderful, Marlaina! You’re right – probably the only day of the year when kids might not want a snow day! 🙂 Love that everyone else was even grumpier than Lila… which cheered her up!… and that she was able to make their Valentines Day bright. I must say, the sound of those sparkly cupcakes and hot chocolate is making me want some right about now – so yummy and cozy on a cold snowy night! 🙂 Thanks so much for joining in the Valentiny fun!

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