… And to all a good night

A week till Christmas and the grass is green, and people are walking around without coats. I’m not complaining, exactly — I don’t have any great yearning for another freak snowstorm — but it is eerie. I’m all dressed up in a puffer coat with no place to be cold.

I haven’t been writing regularly here, being otherwise wrapped up in meeting deadlines for the day job. Also not a complaint, because I like to have work. But things are winding down now, just in time for last-minute gift shopping and cleaning and last-ditch attempts at exercise before officially giving up and reaching for that third dessert instead. (Oh, you will too, you know it.)

It’s been an interesting year. I think I’ve made good progress in my writing, pushing me further on toward that eventual goal of publication. I can’t control the timeline on that, so I’ll just be patient and enjoy the process. In the meantime, my non-pen-named self has been getting regular bylines in a few publications, which is lovely. The kids are doing well in school, no one is sick (yet) and everyone is looking forward to the holidays. And all of that is better than any gift.

So fellow writers and bloggers and readers, I’m going to make a wish list for you. May you get everything you want and need this season. May you enjoy happy times with family and friends. And may you receive lots of books, and quiet time to read them.

Okay, actually I’d like that last one too.


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