How Many Queries Does it Take to Get an Agent?

This offers some good perspective on the querying process.


Guest Post by Kristine Carlson Asselin, @QueryGodmother

help-153005_150The query letter. It’s something that strikes fear in the heartiest of us. Asking a stranger if they want to review the book of your heart just seems to invite rejection.

But if you want to publish traditionally, it’s almost a given that you need an agent. I wanted to shed some light on the statistics of querying.

About a year ago on Twitter, I asked authors to tell me how many queries it took to sign with their agent. Each numbered response refers to a different author.

#1 – 9 queries before shelving (putting the book away), 50+ before shelving, 5 to sign with 1st agent, 20+ for 2nd agent
#2 – 2 queries before shelving, 44 before shelving, 8 queries w/ 6 offers
#3 – 15-20 queries to sign
#4 – 70 to sign with 1st agent (2 MSs), 10 for…

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