Blog tour: Linh Nguyen-Ng, ‘Mommy’s Little Wordlings’

Author Pic_Nguyenng_32315Today picture book author/illustrator Linh Nguyen-Ng makes a stop on her blog tour for her new book, “Mommy’s Little Wordlings.” Here’s what it’s about:

Little words hold big meanings. The Little Wordlings are children who use their simple words to express their feelings for loved ones. No one is more adored than the first person who made them smile. No one is more cherished than the person who gave them life. There is no one like Mommy. Join the Little Wordlings as they show Mommy how much she is appreciated and loved.

So nice to have you, Linh!

What is “Mommy’s Little Wordlings” about? What gave you the idea?

The book is about these little children called “little wordlings,” showing Mommy how much they love her. I started seeing a story unfold as I was sketching them on greeting cards.

How did you come to work with Anaiah Press?

They had a Facebook Pitch Party, where you pitch your work in four sentences. That’s what I did and my manuscript was requested.

Was it difficult matching words to the illustrations?

I think that depends on the book. For this one, it wasn’t as difficult for me as some of my other works. I enjoy the challenge of matching the correct words with the appropriate illustrations.


Did you always want to be a writer or artist when you grew up?

As a kid, I wanted to be a fashion designer. I studied that in college. Fashion designing was a creative outlet to bring my ideas to life. Writing brings characters and stories to life for me. I guess I just like to create—make things come to life. Anyone who does that is an artist to me.

Do you consider yourself more of a writer or an illustrator?

I love to write because as I write I see images unfold like a movie. As I sketch, the story unravels differently in my head. For now, I think I’m more of a writer, simply because I’m currently doing more of that.

Would you ever consider illustrating someone else’s manuscript?

Right now, I don’t have the time. But the future holds many possibilities, so I won’t say that I’ll never illustrate someone else’s manuscript.

Where, how, and when do you find your inspiration?

For this book, my inspiration was my kids. I was a new mom, experiencing a new territory. And that gave me unique ideas to play with.

What do your children think of your book?

My 3-year-old daughter loves the illustrations. My 2-year-old son loves tossing it around like a toy, so I guess that means he loves it, right?

Do you have other books in the works?

Yes, I am working on a few picture books and a young adult novel.

Where can people get “Mommy’s Little Wordlings,” and where can they find you on the Internet?

The book is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

My contact info is below. I would love to hear from my readers.


Twitter: @linhnguyenng