The Slush Pile on the Shelf

This is well said, so I thought I’d share!


By Paul Czajak

Slush pile. Two words writers hate.


So much so that I use it like a swear, “What the Slush pile!!” But it is something we all have to deal with. It is the first big hurdle in the life of a writer, rising above the slush pile. In fact the slush pile is something we all focus on to an almost obsessive extent. We go to conferences and learn all the things we need to do to make our stories shine. We learn how to present our stories to the editor or agent. From margins, to word count, to that catchy first line in your query letter. It all matters if you want to rise above the fray one day. And when that day comes, that glorious day when it all comes together and your story sits above them all and is chosen for publication–something happens that you…

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