Racing against the battery

The extra power cord for my laptop died a few weeks ago. This is not an insurmountable tragedy; I have another cord. It’s just that reaching that cord, in order to disconnect it, would require extraordinary feats of dexterity and flexibility, which is a fancy way of saying I have too much stuff on my desk. So anytime I want to work somewhere other than the desk, I need to do so sans cord. Cordless. Cord-free.

That would also not be a problem if I had a new, or newish, or even gently used computer. I don’t. I have a beat-up, oddly pockmarked, missing-the-Command-key, cracked-casing computer. The battery has seen better days. Actually the whole thing has seen better days.

Working away from the desk has become a beat-the-clock game. Can I finish my research before the screen goes dark? What about this email? Can I finish writing this email? No, wait, I’ve still got some juice left. I’ll go ahead and send this query letter —


Of course I should stick to my desk until I replace the computer. That would be logical. It would be sensible. And I’m not doing it. Because I like to work on the couch. And standing up at the kitchen island. (Look, instant standing desk! I am totally ahead of the curve.) And yes, OK, also in bed. It’s cold outside.

Besides, a little excitement can really spark up the workday. Even if the excitement also means I have to reboot the whole thing and pray Autosave has saved me.


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