How it went

Well, NaNoWriMo is … still going on as far as I’m concerned, because I am still writing. I was never entirely sure I’d get to 50,000 words in a month, given time constraints, so I’m not terribly disappointed. I did work on the novel every day, though, and I consider that a win. Also? I like to consider myself a “pantser” and all, but all future novels will get a pre-game outline. I’d never tried one before, and it makes a huge difference in the day-to-day when you already know the character’s arc avinvogel_piboldmo_winner-1nd what happens next. Though I did deviate here and there, condensing some things, expanding on others, throwing in an extra chapter. If you’ve already got the path, it’s easy enough to take a few steps off it, look around, consider the scenery, then make your way back to it.

PiBoIdMo, though? I’m happy to report that “30 picture book ideas in 30 days” was a success. In fact it was fun! A few ideas were weather-related (well, it did snow), one was based on something that happened to me long ago, another on something that happened to my mother longer ago, several involving a little witch and her not-at-all-witchy best friend, and one drawn from my family’s trip into the city to see the Rockettes. (I wrote a draft of that one, and my son instantly recognized where the idea had come from. He was delighted.)

My habit of carrying tiny little notebooks around definitely helped in this case. Also? Long car rides — say, a daily commute — are a good space for coming up with ideas. You’re sitting in traffic anyway, might as well do something useful, right?

I’ve already started to put the ideas to good use, and I expect, at some point, to double back and use all 30 of those ideas, which is pretty fantastic.

So thanks again to Tara Lazar for running PiBoIdMo, which I plan to join again next year. And if you haven’t read her “The Monstore,” you really need to, because it’s hilarious.

…. and now, back to writing.


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