My month of writing feverishly

piboidmo2014officialparticipantnano_logo-aef44f162676a9d773edb93f995492f2So I couldn’t decide between NaNoWriMo — aka National Novel Writing Month — and Tara Lazar’s PiBoIdMo — aka Picture Book Idea Month. Wait, I thought, why don’t I do both? It’s like chocolate and peanut butter — they taste great together!

(Well, they do. Peanut Butter Cups? The best. I have been stealing them from my kids’ Halloween stash. Shhh.)

The thing is, I’m working in two very different genres — picture books and women’s fiction (or chick lit, if you prefer) — and I like to give each equal time whenever possible. I enjoy both for different reasons: Picture books are just flat-out fun to write, engaging my whimsical side, and reading to children is one of the best experiences to have. Women’s fiction is fun on a slightly more adult level, in which I can take aim at relationships, the working life, social conventions and etc., and I can unleash my inner snark, so to speak. So doing one writing challenge doesn’t take away from the other. In theory.

So far so good — I’m 6,000 words into NaNoWriMo, and have come up with one good picture book idea a day so far. I’m also banging out a picture book draft for 12 x 12. My tiny little notebooks have been getting a workout. (My son was annoyed to find that one notebook contained only ideas for stories, and not actual stories. Sorry, kiddo.)

It is possible that I will be a touch distracted this month, and may be buying Thanksgiving supplies in a panic the evening of Nov. 26, and possibly enlisting house guests to do the dusting. But I’m hoping to have some good writing done by the end of the month, and then I can take a breather.

Right before the holidays kick in. Ah well.

Oh! And Susanna Leonard Hill declared me an honorable mention winner in her Halloweensie Contest! I am delighted my story was liked. Do go back and read everyone’s entries if you haven’t, they’re great.


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