The 4th Annual Halloweensie Contest

Susanna Leonard Hill, over on her fabulous site, is throwing a fun contest: Write a 100-word Halloween story for kids using the words “broomstick,” “creak” and “pumpkin.” Keeping it to 100 words is harder than it sounds. Below is what I came up with — enjoy!




Lolly Mouse peered out into the living room. Was it safe?

No cat. Lolly scampered across the floor.


Lolly froze. She crept away from the creaking board.

She scurried up the broomstick, across the mantel, then leaped to the table.

The pumpkin grinned at her.

The cat was coming!

Lolly ran inside the pumpkin and jumped in front of the flashlight.

“Rrraaarrrr!” she shouted. Her shadow loomed out of the pumpkin.

“Yeek!” said the cat, and ran.

Lolly laughed. “I scared you! I scared you!” She danced around the pumpkin.

She would never fear the cat again.



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