For your reading pleasure

I just got back from vacation and am a little discombobulated, but here are some links of interest.

A short story of mine was recently published in the Goldfinch literary magazine — the link is here. Special-needs parents (and parents generally) might be able to relate …

My colleague Amy Reade has recently been celebrating the publication of her first novel, “Secrets of Hallstead House” — she writes romantic thrillers and it is pretty thrilling. Visit her here and say hello.

And another colleague, Vanessa Coggshall, has helped edit (and contributed to) an essay collection, “Extraordinary Gifts, Unique Challenges: Williams Syndrome,” written by loved ones and friends of those dealing with the (in my opinion) not well-known syndrome. It’s next on my reading list and I’m looking forward to it. More information here. Vanessa can be found here, though she’s cut back on the blogging a bit, on account of having a baby, and she’s perfectly entitled.

Do enjoy.


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